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A warm blanket, a comfy cushion & a good book.

Sometimes, that's all a soul needs to bloom.

An endeavor in excellence

From design, yarn and pattern selection to every tassel we manually attach to all wool blankets, our knitwear journey remains an endeavor in excellence. Every member of our multi-generational, family-run company does it all with passion and attention to the smallest of details having you in mind. We test the products ourselves before we create any of the collections you see online or in stores. You don’t need a throw that is too heavy to lift, too large to walk around in or that doesn’t elevate your home.

Sophisticated, dainty, cozy knitted homeware since 1999

Tradition and experience developed an understanding of luxury home textiles design at the highest levels. As a family owned business we value quality, commitment and loyalty. That’s what makes us deliver exquisite wool blankets, throws and cushions that you can choose for yourself or gift to your dear ones.

AMARYLLIS Collection

Fine and extra fine Merino wool found in 9 knitted articles. Enjoy the softness of the fabric, creamy whites and sandy colors.

ANGELICA Collection

Four knitted cushion covers, throw and blanket made out of Alpaca wool. This collection is rarely pilling, has modern color combinations and the shape of the material lasts very well in time.

Add luxury, style and comfort

The idea is not to create something that exists forever, but to create something that lives forever within you. If you feel glorious, edgy, picky, mysterious, classy or right in between all, get inspiration from photos below or contact our interior design specialist. We may help you shape your home in such a way that it shapes you back.

Have you got a thing for wool blankets and cushions, warm and cozy vibes just like us?

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