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Services for your products to bloom

We created these services with you in mind - clean, repair, customize, gift and enjoy your favorite items.

Free services for our clients

As long as you purchased a Bloomy product you are entitled to three free cleaning or repairing services for your luxury wool blankets and cushion covers. We are only able to offer these free services if you send us the warranty that was given to you at the moment of purchase. What you have to do is to simply:



Let us know what caused the stain or hole (if any) by emailing at

Send now


Send the warranty and products to our address

Send your parcel to Romania, Str. Spicului, nr. 9


Wait for your item to get back to you in 14 days

Period of cleaning or repairing may be shorter or longer, but you will be contacted regardless

Cleaning services

Whether it is a solid stubborn stain you cannot remove or you just think it is time for a proper wash, you can send your Bloomy products to us for professional cleaning.

Repairing services

If a hole occurred in your Bloomy product, send it to us for repair. Some tiny holes can be fixed at home, but before thinking about patching those larger holes, let us try fixing it.

Interior design

When in need of more than just photo inspiration to create that cozy, modern sophisticated look, book a call with our interior designer. While Sabina’s first decorating rule is simply: live in a blanket, Diana can really help you out. She can be as involved or less involved as you need her to be in order for you to genuinely enjoy the process.

Corporate Gifting

We are at your disposal to guide you through our catalogue of luxury wool blankets and cushion covers and assist you in expressing your gratitude to your colleagues and clients in the best possible way.

Custom made for professionals

One of our favorite challenges is to create bespoke collections. If you are a hotel, restaurant, private residence or an interior designer we are at your disposal to accompany you in your projects and offer your personalized quotas.

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