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Wool is 6 times more resistant to wear than cotton

Why choose wool made products?

Wool is not a fabric that easily loses its original properties. With proper care, wool products last several years with no damage.


The elastic properties of the wool fiber make it extremely wrinkle resistant. It is enough to hang or lay flat your wool product.


Dust mites don't like wool as they prefer hot humid environments.

Stain resistant

Wool fibers have a natural waxy coating that repels liquids. This surface layer is not easily removed by washing or processing. This means you will have time to wipe away liquid spills before they cause permanent staining

Environmentally Sustainable

Wool fibers naturally decompose in soil when disposed. The processing of wool requires very little environmental impact compared to other fibers


Wool rarely charges as it absorbs and evaporates moisture really well.

Mildew Resistant

As it is a breathable fiber, it naturally inhibits mildew.

Cleaning and caring

Advice for a life long wool care

Before learning about how to wash a wool blanket, always read the label for specific care instructions for every product as they may vary.

Send your Bloomy products to us for a professional wash

Although woolens need less washing or ironing, learning how to wash a wool blanket might be intimidating. Using the wrong products or techniques might damage the items. Send your Bloomy products back to us and enjoy your free time while your woolens get pampered


Fixing pulled yarns

Most of the time, pulled yarns occur because the knitwear clings on accessories such as engagement rings, bracelets, watches or earrings.

If you are a handy person you can use a crochet hook to fix pulls:

Insert the hook from the opposite side of the knitwear.

Use the hook to pull the loose yarn on the front of the fabric through to the back side of the knitwear.

Gently pull the knitted fabric to smooth the ripples.

Remove pilling

Pilling is normal for any wool knitted products. While Merino wool is the softest yarn, it will pill faster than an Alpaca yarn. It is best to use a pilling comb to remove pilling without affecting the look of your knitwear. As a second option you can use a professional wool razor.

Keep in mind to never tug the pills or use disposable razors.

Mending holes

If there is a hole in your knitwear, do not use or wash it before mending it as the holes can enlarge. Do not panic, some holes can be fixed using a sewing repair kit at home. Some larger holes however, need proper attention.

Send your knitted products back to us for a repair. In fact, you are entitled for a free repair if you send us the guarantee certificate for your product.


Although Bloomy products have years of life span, sometimes you might decide it’s time for a new Bloomy product and you have to recycle the old one.

Our advice is to:

Repurpose it (use it for an animal shelter or keep it for camping).

Donate it.

Send it to us so we recycle it and give life to new knitwear.

Are you in need of professional wool cleaning or repairing services?

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