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Learn what has driven our work for the past 20 years and what drives our work for the next generations.

Devotion transformed into tradition

Our knitwear journey is a human journey. It all started in 1999 at a small table, in a quiet rustic home with a mom and a dad that had bigger dreams for their family. Sounds like a sweet cliche? It did really happen, I was there, they were my parents. Those dreams, the knowledge and passion for fabrics gave them courage to build a textile factory. That was followed by working tiring hours during countless weekends, nevertheless surrounded by friends and family. 


Truly speaking, we were and still are, an usual family that is made of just a little bit of chaos topped up with so much care, love and joyful memories. Eventually, the hard work, love and family support led not only to prestigious brand collaborations such as Y3, Marella or Dries Van Noten, but to the interest and dedication to yarns, fabrics and patterns of the next generation.

I am Sabina Por, the daughter that started Bloomy by adding novelty and vibrancy to the business while ensuring it remains true to its origins no matter how many friends and family members enter the team.

That’s how devotion was transformed into tradition and that’s how Bloomy was born.


Exquisite, carefully crafted knitwear

As a knitted homeware manufacturer we are ready and delighted to be part of any project which contribAt the heart of everything we do, it will always be our attention to details. There is no need for you to buy different products and store them away because you don’t like them enough. We research, design, create and test. If it’s not good for us to use, we start it all over again before you see our collections online or in stores.utes to creating bloomy feelings through exquisite products and services.

Innovative manufacturing techniques

We adapt and innovate in order to create unique pieces that not only give you comfort but elevate your rustic home or bold modern interior designs. Whether we have to apply conditioning treatments to wool yarns that are too sturdy, add interlining to knitted cushion covers so they don’t loosen up, use Ket machines for a firm stitch or manually create and attach fringes and tassels, we do it all.

Responsibility, forward-thinking business

It is always our priority to make sure that everything we do is good for all of our stakeholders. We strive for a solid consistent growth that leaves a positive impact on our team, partners and wider communities we serve.


Maybe we are those old fashioned romantic souls that believe things flow naturally and they don’t need to be forced. We choose people, tradition, passion and chemistry. We chose Bloomy because we wish for every single person that has our products to feel like blooming. Even for a few minutes when they enter a room that is decorated with our products, when they snuggle in on a chilly day, when they receive it as gifts or simply create memories around them.

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